Filigree close ups

FILIGREE HR FRONTI promised to post the close up images of the Filigree designs to help you with your crochet….so here they are. These are actually the images I sent to my pattern checker! I hope you find them useful and I will continue to post close ups of other designs from my collections in the future. Filigree is still available to buy from my website.



ROSE close ups….

Rose 2

Neck and shoulder

Rose 3

Front close up

Rose 4

Sleeve close up

Rose 5

Motif close up

Rose 6

Side view



ASTER close ups….

Aster b

Side view

Aster c

Sleeve close up

Aster e

Welt close up

Aster f

Body stitch close up



HOLLYHOCK close ups…..

Hollyhock 2

Side view

Hollyhock 3

Panel stitch close up

Hollyhock 4

Welt close up

Hollyhock 5

Sleeve close up



DAISY close ups….

Daisy 2

Neck and sleeve close up

Daisy 3

Welt close up

Daisy 4

Body stitch close up

Daisy back

Back view



ANEMONE close ups…

Anemone b

Side view

Anemone e

Sleeve join and stitch close up

Anemone d

Cuff and sleeve stitch close up



PEONY close ups…

Peony 5

Side view

Peony 6

Back panel stitch

Peony 4

Back welt shape

Peony 3

Sleeve and body join close up



LUPIN close ups…

Lupin 2

Side view

Lupin 3

Body stitch close up

Lupin 4

Sleeve close up



BUTTERCUP close ups…

Buttercup 2

Front close up

Buttercup 3

Motif and edging close up

Buttercup 4

Font motif panel join to body

Buttercup 5

Sleeve detail



TULIP close ups…

Tulip 4

Welt close up

Tulip 3

Welt and body join

Tulip 2

Body stitch close up

The only design missing is CARNATION. I’ll post close ups of this soon as the garment is on loan to Liberty in London at the moment!

Also don’t forget that there are two erratas for BUTTERCUP and ASTER on my website, so please download these.

My new website is now live!

I’m really excited to tell you that my new update on my website is now live. I hope that you will have a look and tell me what you think. There are some screen shots below to give you a quick view, but the major changes are the introduction of my SHOP – which is the new home for the books, my new KITS and patterns. There is also a tab for the forthcoming FAIRISLE CLUB and a preview of my new book ONCE UPON A TIME  – out on the 1st May, I will be blogging about this next week. You can also now book the next three workshops on the new WORKSHOP page. Also, why not sign up for my new newsletter which will be emailed out the first week of each month – just click on the ‘N’ at the bottom of a page.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 17.05.51

The new HOME page – this is now a slideshow in which you can click on the image to go to that page.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 17.06.26

Part of the new SHOP page, you can’t the KIT image on this exert

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 17.06.40

The new WORKSHOP page, the next three workshop are now available to book

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 17.06.55

The new FAIRISLE CLUB page

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 17.07.11

The new PORTFOLIO page – again you can click on the image to take you to the book or pattern.

Anyway, I hope you like the new website, I’ve enjoyed doing it! Let me know…

Mosaic Cowl workshop

Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted…I really don’t know where the time goes!

I’ve just finished my Mosaic Cowl, which is the project for my workshop on the 11th April…so I thought I would share some of the images. It’s knitted in Rowan Felted Tweed using 6 colours on 3.25mm needles.

Mosaic Cowl 1

The finished Mosaic Cowl

Mosaic Cowl 3

Side view

Mosaic Cowl 5

A flat view

Mosaic Cowl 4

Close up

The workshop is actually fully booked now, but I’m thinking I will make the cowl available as a kit later in the year. Regarding my new kits…I’m hoping to put them on my website next month (in April) after revamping my website a little as well….exciting times!

Go to to see my other workshop dates, I’m hoping to put up the design swatch for Workshop 3 (9th May) next week.

Unravel – Fri 20 to Sun 22 February

I’m exhibiting at my first show next weekend! I had heard a lot of good things about Unravel at Farnham Maltings in Farnham, Surrey that I decided to have a stand and take the opportunity to meet lots of lovely knitters and crocheters, sell my books and launch my new kit range (I’ll post some images of these soon). 

Unravel 1

I’m producing 3 kits initially – my Lindisfarne Crochet Cowl in Rowan Felted Tweed…

Crochet Cowl 1

My Nordic Hot Water Bottle Cover, also in Rowan Felted Tweed…..

IMG_3351 small

and a new Felted Doily Table Mat (so new, I’ve not photographed it yet!) crocheted in Rowan British Sheep Breeds Chunky.

All three kits can be seen (and hopefully bought) at Unravel and will be available to buy from my website from the 1st April. Each kit comes with all the yarn to make the design, a pattern card and knitting needles or crochet hooks, all presented within my lovely new cotton kit bag…which I’m so pleased with (again I’ll post some images soon).

On the Friday afternoon, I’m holding a 3D knitting techniques workshop. In this fun workshop you will learn how to knit a folded fabric and use partial knitting to create interesting twists and knots. A ball of Rowan Cocoon and knitting needles will be provided.

3D Twists and Knots Fabric

Twists and Knots

3D Folded Fabric

Folded fabric

If you are interested in joining me, then please book via the Unravel website.

I’m really looking forward to next weekend and I hope that if you are in the area that you will pop in and say hello…..see you there!

Pattern downloads

Some of you may know that there has been some recent changes to EU VAT laws for digital downloadable sales. Due to this my patterns have not been available for sale from my website from the 1st January. I’m now pleased to able to tell you that my patterns are now being hosted by the lovely people at Loveknitting. You can access the patterns from my website and then you will be re-directed to the Loveknitting website to complete your purchase or you can go direct to Loveknitting and buy them direct from them. There are currently four patterns for sale:

Sage throw 5 LR

The Sage Throw

Commissioned by the Campaign for Wool, my popular Sage Throw pattern is now available to buy.

Mosaic cushion

Mosaic cushion

The Mosaic Cushion is a great introduction to mosaic knitting and was the project from one of my workshops last year. It was also one of the projects at my workshop week at the beautiful Watermill in Tuscany last July. It’s a new pattern is now available to buy.

MWallinWorkshop-16 vsmall

The Origami and Vertical Ripple Cushions

The Origami and Vertical Ripple Cushion patterns have been very popular and were the projects from my very first creative workshop in 2013. Both patterns are now available to buy again.

I’ve also made available a few more free patterns. These are downloadable from my website only. The new ones available are:

My Christmas Bauble – this cute Christmas tree decoration was one of the projects from my Christmas ideas workshop in November last year. It’s a great pattern to use up some left over yarn!

IMG_3343 small

Christmas Bauble

I’ve now made my Christmas Wreath pattern now available as a free pattern.


Christmas Wreath

 I will be releasing a few more patterns next week, so please keep looking at my website!

3D Ripple cushion workshop

I’ve just finished the Multi Ripple Cushion, the project for my first workshop of the year. The workshop will be held at the Village Hall in Hoby, Leicestershire on Saturday 7th March. The price is £75 , which includes all the yarn (Rowan Felted Tweed) to make the cushion, pattern, a lovely lunch prepared by Thrussington’s (the deli and tea room in the next village to Hoby), cake, biscuits and lots of tea, coffee and juice. If you wish to come along and learn how to make this cushion and other 3D knitting techniques (not forgetting to mention that you will also have a fun day out) then go to my website to book a place.

Multi Ripple Cushion LR 1

The finished cushion

Multi Ripple Cushion LR 4

The cushion uses 7 colours of Rowan Felted Tweed

Multi Ripple Cushion LR 2

It may look difficult to knit…but looks are deceiving!

Multi Ripple Cushion LR 3

It’s really quite easy to do once you’ve leant how to do the technique, after all it’s just knitted in stocking stitch

 A third spare needle is used to create the ripples…once you’ve learnt this technique you can apply it to lots of knitting and create lots of interesting fabrics. It’s fun and easy to do and hopefully it will inspire you to be more creative with your knitting.

Hope you can make it on the 7th March…


Mark and I went to Iceland two weeks ago and we had a fantastic time. It’s a land of spectacular landscapes, very friendly people and lots of hand knitted sweaters! 

I thought I would share some of my photos with you…hope you like them.


Harpan Concert Hall in Reykjavik


The amazing Hallgrimskitkja – Cathedral


The Sun Voyager Sculpture on the sea front, Reykjavik


A view down a street in Reykjavik


Traditional houses in Reykjavik


A view from the lake in Reykjavik


A view of Pingvellir national park…it looks cold and it’s was cold!!


Another view of Pingvellir


A dramatic walk between the North American and European tectonic plates at Pingvellir.



Geysir – wait for it!


A false alarm!


There she blows!


All over for another 5 minutes!


The magnificent Gullfoss waterfall

Some close ups of the waterfall…it really was breathtaking!




 At the end of the day we went snowmobiling onto the massive Langjokujl glacier, that’s me at the controls, but I was too chicken to have a go at driving…I let Mark do that!


We had a memorable few days in Iceland and despite not seeing the Northern Lights we had a fantastic time. We would love to go back in the summer sometime and do some walking and pony trekking…but I still want to see those elusive Northern Lights!

Filigree is launched today!

I’m very excited to announce that my third self published book ‘Filigree’ is now available to buy online from my website.


There is a slideshow of the designs to view on my website, so that you can look at the collection before you decide to buy it. Payment is via PayPal, for UK orders please click on the ‘UK P&P’ button, for EU orders please click on the ‘EU P&P’ and for the US and other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan etc, please click on the ‘US & REST OF THE WORLD P &P’. Don’t forget to put a message on your order if you wish me to sign your copy.

I’m actually going on holiday next week to Iceland! So all book orders received before 11am on Monday will be despatched by end of the day on Monday. Orders received after 11am on Monday will be despatched on Monday 26th January. 



If you decide to buy ‘Filigree’ then I really hope that you are happy with it when you receive it. I’m thrilled with this collection and I hope you will be too…enjoy!











Next Thursday sees the launch of my third independent book ‘Filigree‘. 


My third independent book

I’m so pleased with this collection – the designs, photography and the layout and I hope you will like it too. ‘Filigree’ is a collection of feminine crochet designs using a new Rowan yarn called ‘Summerlite’. This beautifully soft, 4 ply Egyptian cotton yarn is great to crochet and to knit with and unlike other cotton yarns gives a neat and even appearance. Some of the 10 designs are a combination of crochet and knit. In my last two books ‘Windswept‘ and ‘Lakeland‘, I added crochet trims to the knitted designs, so I couldn’t design a crochet collection without knit in it! I’ve tried to create a collection that shows the true beauty of this wonderful craft as well as creating wearable and fashionable pieces. Hence the reason for just using two colours – Pure White and Washed Linen (which is actually a flattering pale grey). These two light colours show the beauty of the stitches as well as being popular colours for summer. I suggest that you wear the designs with a white, pale grey or skin coloured camisole underneath. Georgia is wearing a skin coloured bra in each photograph as I needed the stitches to show really well, but of course if you feel brave….! Regarding the layout in the book, each of the designs is laid out against a background of flowers, which I think works really well, but of course you will be the judge of that!

My ‘Filigree’ book will be available to buy from my website from Thursday 15th January and it will also be available from Rowan stockists soon. Below are all the designs within the book with a few comments about each design. …..hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think.

Hollyhock layout


Hollyhock is the first design in the book and as you can see is a combination of knit and crochet. The crochet panel (which is on the front and back) is worked using two ends of yarn together. Once the panel is completed, the knit sections are worked (in one end) by picking up along the side edges of the panels. The pretty picot edging is then added to the bottom, armholes and neck.



Lupin is one of my favourites and is so flattering to wear. Georgia is having this design in return for her modelling… it’s being made at the moment! It is worked around horizontal panels of square motifs and then the crochet stripes are worked either side of these. I must add at this point that the majority of the designs in the collection are achievable by a crocheter with average ability. Most of the stitches used are the basic ones – chains, double crochet and variations on trebles.





Aster is the next design and is on the front cover. This is a fashionable cropped and boxy top in a ‘bows and boxes’ stitch. The edging is worked separately and can be stitched on or crocheted on during finishing.



Daisy is a design which is worked in one piece as it is crocheted in the round. I actually crocheted the sample shown in the book and I really enjoyed making it. You probably appreciate that I don’t have time to make all the garments in my collections. When I design, I knit or crochet a large swatch and then the pattern is written from this. I then have a wonderful team of talented knitters and crocheters who make the majority of the designs, however I always like to finish each one – adding trims and edgings etc, so if I need to change anything I can do it then. I am thinking of re-making Daisy in Rowan Felted Tweed as a multi colour stripe and with long sleeves….I’ll let you know how it turns out!



DAISY_076 cover

Daisy close up

Buttercup is another of my favourites…it’s a very pretty classic cardigan. The majority of the design is knit and then the crochet panels are made up of crochet squares (each joined together on the last round). The pretty picot edging is then added afterwards and the design is finished off with small mother of pearl buttons.



Anemone is another favourite…it’s a very wearable and fashionable top with a knit body and crochet sleeves. The stitch used in the sleeves is a simple square trellis and the pretty picot edging is added during the finishing.



Peony is a beautiful long shrug, perfect for the summer wedding or party. It’s probably the most challenging design to do in the collection. It’s made up of two type of triangular shaped motifs which are joined together as each last round is completed. The back section and the sleeves are worked separately. Although it is the most difficult one to crochet, it is fun to do and if you are like me, I really enjoy joining motifs together as you make each one!




Peony back view

Rose is another favourite! Although it looks complicated, it’s actually fairly easy to do as it’s just one simple square motif with each motif being joined to the next on the last round. It has a lovely turn back boat neck, which as you can see is very flattering.





 Carnation is a jacket made up of crochet squares for the body and knitted rib for the sleeves, welts and collar. The squares are worked separately and then joined all together with treble stitches once all the squares have been worked. One single mother of pearl button is added at the neck edge to finish the design.



Tulip is the last design in the collection and is a combination of a cable lace stitch knitted to form the main body section with an unusual welt section made up of double crochet strips. The resulting effect (hopefully you will agree) is very flattering, making it a very wearable summer top.



 So that’s it….hope you like the collection and I would love to hear what you think. I will post again next week when the book is available to order on my website.

I want to add at this point that the patterns for each design are written out. I know that some of you prefer to work crochet from charts (I actually do) but I haven’t been able to sort out how I can produce the crochet charts yet….but I’m on to it!

The year that was…

As 2014 has drawn to a close and we’re at the start of 2015, I wanted to reflect on my year and what a year it’s been!


2014 started off quite quiet and as I was still Rowan’s head designer I spent most of the month researching trends for Magazine 57 which is just about to be launched in a few weeks time. We also finalised the designs for the home-ware feature in Magazine 56 and I excitedly saw my first independent book ‘Windswept’ go to print! As I was planning to run the Great North Run for the Alzheimer’s Society later in the year, I started my training!

Layout 1

My first independent book.


Mag 57 Cover-2

The new Rowan Magazine out on the 15th January


February again was mostly taken up with Rowan work…art directing the ‘Colourful Home’ shoot for Magazine 56, sending the design brief out to freelance designers for Magazine 57 and towards the end of the month I briefed the 2nd year students of the BA Fashion Knitwear and Knitted Textiles course on the Wool Week project I was going to teach at Nottingham Trent University. February also saw me design for my second independent book ‘Lakeland’ which I was planning to photograph at the end of April.

Kendall & Justine 3

Two of the Wool Week designs from the students of Nottingham Trent University. They were on display at the Wool Interiors exhibition at Southwark Cathedral during Wool Week in October.


‘Windswept’ was launched this month and I was so happy with the response I got, lots of amazing comments and my stock of copies sold out really quickly! The rest of the month was spent designing for Rowan Magazine 57 and teaching at Nottingham Trent University. I also planned my ‘Lakeland’ photography shoot, arranging to photograph at Shacklabank Farm in the Lake District… the home of the lovely Shepherdess, Alison O’Neill.

Some of the designs from Windswept…


Sage Tunic


Thyme Wrap-pic1-056

Thyme Wrap





April was a really busy month for me, finishing designs for Rowan and for a Rowan online collection in the Pure Wool Worsted yarn. The rest of the month was taken up with planning the ‘Lakeland’ shoot and preparing for my first workshop at the Watermill in Tuscany! I held my colour workshop at the village hall in Hoby, which went down really well but on Wednesday 30th in the early hours, I suffered a heart attack!


Shacklabank Farm, the location for Lakeland


It wasn’t until the first weekend in May that I started to become ill and suffered, what turned out to be several angina attacks and one more suspected heart attack. I went into the Glenfield Hospital in Leicester on Sunday 4th May and had a stent fitted on Thursday 8th May after discovering that I had a narrowing in my right coronary artery apparently caused by my genetic makeup. A massive thank you to the staff at Glenfield, I had fantastic care.

My life changed this month! A lot of my planned work had to be cancelled, including my first workshop in Tuscany (thankfully Nancy Merchant stepped in for me) and all my work with Rowan. I came out of hospital feeling rather delicate and weak but slowly started to recover (once I had gotten used to the drugs!) I received so many well wishes which helped me to come to terms with what had happened to me and to accept how lucky I had been! Thankfully my ‘Lakeland’ book was more or less put to bed and I only a few things to do before it could go to print, it was launched at the end of May.

Lakeland cover

My second independent book

Some designs from Lakeland…













…saw me starting to do a little work for Rowan again. I researched the trends for next autumn winter and wrote the design brief for Magazine 58. Lisa Richardson and Sarah Hatton kindly stepped in for me and art directed and styled the two location stories for Magazine 57. However I did manage to art direct and style the Essentials collection at the end of June, maybe a little too soon in hindsight, as I was very tired a lot of the time. On a personal note, we managed to get away for a weekend to the Goodwood Festival of Speed towards the end of the month, which was lovely as I previously had to cancel a trip to the Chelsea Flower Show in London, which I was really looking forward to.


Philomena, one of my designs from the Rowan Mag 57 Essentials collection


This was another designing month…for Rowan Magazine 58. I also held my first workshop week at the Watermill in Tuscany. Mark came with me for moral support and it was great. The Watermill at Posara in Tuscany, Bill and Lois, and all the ladies,  were simply fabulous. I’m already looking forward to holding two more workshops there this year in May and September. Bill has already told me that the May workshop is already full and there is only one place left on the September one! This is great news, despite the fact that I’ve not even designed the projects yet!


The Watermill


…was my 50th birthday month and we had a week’s holiday in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. It was great just to be able to walk in such breathtaking landscape and enjoy the company of good friends and my dogs! Prior to this, all my family came to visit, including my brother, his wife and daughter from the US and a great time was had by all. The Campaign for Wool commissioned me to design two cushions for Wool Week and a throw for their forthcoming exhibition in London. This commission resulted in the popular Herdwick and Bluefaced Leicester sheep cushions and the ‘Sage Fairisle Throw’.

Herdwick sheep cushion 2

The Herdwick Sheep cushion


I started my workshops back up this month with the popular Mosaic Lap Rug. It was great to return to more or less normal life again! I also decided to alter how I work with Rowan. With mutual agreement we decided that I would no longer be head designer and that I would only be contracted to do some designing and art direct and style a couple of shoots for them each season. It was a big decision as it meant a sizeable cut in my income but it’s a decision that I’ve not regretted. I thought I would miss doing the job but I’m now so much happier!! I’m a lot less stressed and I am really enjoying growing my own business. I also started work on my third independent book, ‘Filigree’ which is out later this month.


The Mosaic Lap Rug


October saw me holding mostly workshops…free ones at the Wool Interiors Exhibition at Southwark Cathedral for Wool Week and my own weekend workshop where I welcomed a delightful group of ladies from Chicago in the US. It was great to see my ‘Sage Throw’ exhibited at the Cathedral and I received so many positive comments about it and what I was doing…a big boost to my confidence!

Sage throw 8 LR

Sage Throw


November saw my ‘Filigree’ photography shoot (I will be writing a post about the book very soon)…I must confess that I’m so pleased with this book! I also held my very popular crochet cowl workshop. I’ve had a lot of enquiries about this design, so I’ve decided to offer it as a kit later this year. I also art directed and styled three photography shoots for Rowan…two for Magazine 58 (one on location at Beacon Hill Country Park in Leicestershire and the other was a studio ‘Essentials’ shoot) and the third shoot was for an accessory book featuring a Rowan new yarn.


Filigree – my third independent book, available from the 15th January


Crochet Cowl 1

My crochet cowl



Beacon Hill Country Park, the location for ‘Tranquil’, one of the collections for Rowan Mag 58


After my last workshop (Christmas Ideas) at the beginning of the month I decided to take a bit of time off from my work…and what did I do, decorated our dining room of course! Well it’s finished and the curtains are made and we both love it. It’s more of a library than a dining room really as all our books are in here. It’s also a music room as my much awaited piano has finally been delivered. This beautiful antique walnut piano was my 50th birthday present from Mark, and I love it…I now only need to learn how to play it!

IMG_3351 small

The hot water bottle cover from the Christmas Ideas workshop

Well as the new year starts I plan to be back working from Monday, I’ve got lots of designing to do….for a new exciting idea I’m planning for this year (soon to be announced) and for my fourth book, which will be a vintage children’s book called ‘Once Upon a Time. I’ve also got to design the projects for my various workshops so that I can release the online bookings for these and organise and plan my new online shop which will be live in the spring.

I want to thank you all for your support this year and I wish you all a very Happy New Year and I hope that you will enjoy reading about my forthcoming knitting adventures!

Norah and Nelly

Happy 2015 from me, Norah and Nelly!


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