Winter Crochet review

First of all I owe you all a big apology as it’s ages since I’ve written a blog post. This hasn’t been out of choice as I love to write, but I’ve been so busy lately, great for me but it’s meant that my writing has taken a bit of a back seat! I have a list of posts I want to write so hopefully you will receive a new blog post from me every week from now on.

Anyway, here is a review of my latest book WINTER CROCHET which is now available to buy via my website and shop.


WINTER CROCHET is a collection of 8 designs for women which mostly combine crochet and handknit together. I deliberately designed them this way as firstly, I like knit and crochet together and secondly, the resulting designs are more fashionable and therefore easier to wear. I’ve used Rowan Felted Tweed in six of the designs with the aran quality being used in two.

We photographed the collection at Whitstable in Kent. The location was The Battery at Seasalter, a wonderful old battery right on the beach. It is owned by a wonderful lady who is very creative, a great collector of many things and an incredible cook! I’m hoping to hold one of my workshop holidays there next summer!

Here are the designs…

GAEL is one of my favourites and is a crochet and handknit design made up of crochet motifs worked together to form double width panels for the front and back and single width panels for the sleeves. The rest of body and sleeves are completed by knitting off the crochet panels after picking up stitches along the side edges. The welt, cuffs and neck trim are then added.





CAITLIN is a totally crocheted design worked in the round. The garment is only available to make in one size as it was too difficult to work out any other sizes! This size can be worn oversized or more fitted depending on your measurements.



KEELA is a fab jacket design worked in Felted Tweed Aran. The resulting garment is quite heavy and therefore only suitable for outdoor wear. One of the colours is actually two ends of normal Felted Tweed worked together as unfortunately a lot of my favourite colours of Felted Tweed Aran have been discontinued by Rowan! Fastened with a pin or a brooch, the ‘throw on’ style makes this design very wearable. Frances, my friend and hair & make up artist, had this design as her fee for working on the shoot for me!



FINNOULA, I added this design as this look is very fashionable at the moment. It’s made up of 6 large motifs on the front and two on the sleeves. The rest of the design is made up from stocking stitch knitted from the motif panels. Felted Tweed Aran gives the chunkiness the design needs.




MEERA is probably my favourite design in the collection and I think I will be wearing it a lot this winter! Again it’s another design made up of a crochet motif front with the back and sleeves being knitted with a crochet motif border.




SIOBHAN is a great design for the novice crocheter to try. It’s made just using double crochet, changing colour on every row. There are lots of ends to sew in but I think it’s worth it! Fastened with a pin or a brooch, it is the sort of jacket that can be worn casually or more dressily, especially if worn with a dress.




NIAMH is another easy design to crochet. The stitch is a treble ‘box stitch’, very achievable by the novice. The welts, cuffs and neck trim are all knitted, which help to make the finished sweater more wearable.



Finally there is CATRIONA. This is a lovely design and is a combination of knit and crochet. The body is knitted first in one piece and then the crochet border is then worked from the knitting. The cardigan bands are then knitted from the crochet border.



At the back of the book you will see images of two accessory designs. MAEVE WRAP AND AOIFE SCARF are both available as digital downloads only from my website via and Ravelry store. For more information and to buy these two patterns just click on the images below.

Maeve Wrap


Aoife Scarf

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at the photographs, I’ve enjoyed writing this piece, so hopefully I can do some more soon!

11 thoughts on “Winter Crochet review

  1. Dear Marie Wallin,the designs are exquisite !! Unfortunately I do not crochet but I have an elderly Dutch friend who does and methinks she will be receiving your book as a gift this winter!

  2. I received the book right now! It was delivered so fast, thank you Marie! The designs all are so beautiful and I love the crochet motifs… I have to leave the house otherwise I would instantly cast on!

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